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A Little Thunder Signature Model

Introducting The EGO By Marconi Lab (Italy) & A Little Thunder (USA)
A Little Thunder and Marconi Lab, two emerging companies with a shared vision for the future of guitar, have collaborated on an expressive and unique instrument. Together we are pleased to present The "EGO" Thunder Signature Model in "Orange Racing" & "Ninja Green" colors with optional marble swirl finish The guitar is made 100% in Italy & A Little Thunder is 100% made in the USA. For a limited time, we are offering this instrument at $400 off. You can order by clicking the "Buy now" option below or further customize your EGO Thunder here. Have a question? Reach out to Marconi Lab or A Little Thunder directly.


  • Chassis wood: Alder

  • Laminated Top: None

  • Chassis color: Orange Racing

  • Pickguard: Black

  • Neck pickup: A Little Thunder ®

  • Bridge pickup: Lace alumitone         Deathbucker ® Black

  • Bridge: Dual Axis Tremelo

  • Hearth wood: Alder

  • Hearth color: Black

  • Hearth Style: Thunder

  • Arm wood: Alder

  • Arm color: Race Orange

  • Arm: Modello c

  • Screws: Black ERGAL

  • Neck wood: Maple black finish

  • Neck shape: Variable shape

  • Fingerboard wood: Ebony

  • Fingerboard: 10" compound 16"

  • Frets: 6230 type

  • Inlays: Angel eye alu

  • Locking nuts: Chrome

*NEW* Marble Swirl


Now available in Orange & Green 

*Please allow a 30 day turnaround from production start to arrival at your doorstep as these guitars are crafted with care, largely by hand.

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