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There are two ways to install A Little Thunder: A direct-to-jack 5-minute Quick Start (below) -or- a multi-pickup setup (bottom of page). For each, you will need a soldering iron, solder & a small screw driver. Please note you will also need a stereo cable to produce the bass signal. We recommend this  $12 stereo Y-Cable from Amazon or this upgraded $40 one from Sweetwater

As always, we're here if you need us through the support form and typically respond within the hour.

Playing Guitar

2024 V2 Instruction Manual





  1. Remove your old pickup (heating up existing connections on your pickup selector & volume pot with a soldering iron to loosen them).

  2. Solder white wire (guitar signal ‘hot’) of A Little Thunder where the old ‘hot’ connection was on your original pickup & do the same with the ground, where it previously was soldered to (A Little Thunder's ground is the green wire).

  3. On your old input jack, take off the existing guitar “hot” and guitar “ground” connections. On A Little Thunder’s included stereo jack, solder green wire (ground) to the middle tab and the white lead (guitar hot) to the right tab on the stereo jack.

  4. Lastly, the black wire from A Little Thunder (hot bass) goes directly to ring tab on stereo jack (see diagram below)


Be sure to use our recommended TRS-Y Cable mentioned above or a single 1/4″ stereo cable. If you don’t have one handy, you can use a mono cable and pull it halfway out of the guitar’s jack. You will get both bass + guitar signals, but they will each be 50% faint until you use a stereo cable.

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