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A Little Thunder Humbucking Pickup 2024

A Little Thunder Humbucking Pickup 2024

SKU: ALT_00001

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  • Features

    • Brand new, multi-input codec and DSP
    • Double the Capacitive touch Controls from previous version, for easy on/off, customizable operation
    • Patented Low Note Priority Mode option (Only the lowest note being played between E, A or D string receives the bass application, perfect for strumming chords and keeping the bass signal uncluttered. Can be turned on/off)
    • Double capacity battery included
    • Micro USB for fast charge/data transfer
    • Bluetooth integration
    • Ultra high density Lithium Polymer Prism cell battery
    • New LED indicators
    • Alnico V Humbucker organic signal (8.8k DC resistance)
    • Firmware updatable to assign external pickup control
  • Product Info

    A Little Thunder's circuitry has been redesigned from the ground up to offer an even better near-zero latency bass response, refined low note priority sensing & higher output from the passive humbucker portion that sounds incredible. We now offer twice the capacitive touch sensors from V1 and soon-to-be utilized, bluetooth integration.

    Product Description - A Little Thunder is fully revolutionized & patented pickup that gives guitarists the ability to play guitar + bass together… or separately. Each of the two pickups in A Little Thunder™ can operate independently. The top humbucker pickup allows all 6 guitar strings to be heard, as they normally are. A second pickup for the bottom E, A & D strings drops the organic frequency at -1 octave or -2 octaves using an acclaimed near-zero latency with state-of-the-art components. Our Low-Note-Priority™ feature  allows you to give the bass effects to only the lowest of the 2 strings being played, great for chords & strumming.

    Ships worldwide.

*Please note all pickups ship in the order they are received

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