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A Little Thunder Pickup adds a -1 octave or -2 octave bass signal to the lowest strings while preserving all 6 organic guitar strings through a traditional 8.2K humbucker. No MIDI, 9V, routing required.



 A Little Thunder adds a -1 octave or -2 octave bass drop to the lowest strings while preserving all 6 organic guitar strings through a traditional 8.8K humbucker. No MIDI, 9V or extensive connections to be made. 

Ultra High-Fi Bass Signal with near-zero latency & 1:1 string dynamics.

Low Note Priority mode (patented) senses the lowest note being played & gives bass signal to only that note.

Capacitive touch controls eliminate need for switches or knobs & allows perfect fit for humbucker rout.

Battery lasts up to 12 hours via ultra high density lithium polymer prismcell and can be recharged with included Micro USB cable rapidly.

Customizable with software. Choose between 1,2 or 3 strings for your bass signal, -1 octave, -2 octaves, or a combination of both, Low Note Priority, Stereo Humbucker Mode or wire to push/pull pot to control modes.



  • Guitar Organic
  • -
  • Just guitar, A Little Thunder OFF
00:00 / 00:00
  • A Little Thunder On
  • -
  • In -1 Octave Mode
00:00 / 00:00

2020 V2: Minimal Smart Design + Capacitive Touch Controls

Low Note Priority LED Indicator 

-1 octave indicator red

-2 octave indicator green

Micro USB Chargeport

Charge light

Solid red when charging, solid green when complete. Blinks when 40 minutes of battery life remains

Add'l controls to manipulate sounds in real time

Bluetooth 4.2

Firmware updates

Choose between 1,2 or 3 bass signal strings

Ultra high-density prism-cell lipo military grade battery

As seen on "The Big Bad Blues" Tour feat. Billy Gibbons (guitar) Austin Hanks (guitar) and Matt Sorum  (drums)

"It tracks elegantly without

latency and it's highly intuitive.

A great innovation."


-Billy F. Gibbons, ZZ Top


A Little Thunder was founded, patented and made 100% in

Los Angeles CA, USA


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